Size Guide


How to measure and determine your ring size? 
The easiest way is to measure the diameter of a ring that already fits perfectly, the amount of millimeters is your size.
Otherwise, take a little rope and put it around your finger. Then measure the lengte of the part that went around your finger. This is the circumference, which you can look up in our tabel to see the matching diameter size:

Circumference (mm)  -   Diameter Size (mm)

48 - 15
49 - 15,5
50 - 16
51 - 16,25
52 - 16,5
53 - 17
54 - 17,25
55 - 17,5
56 - 18
57 - 18,25
58 - 18,5
59 - 19
60 - 19,25
61 -19,5
62 - 19,75


    Vintage jewelry
    We don’t offer resizing on the rings, please contact a jeweler of goldsmith to make alterations.

    Crystal jewelry
    Because our necklaces are custom made, we charge 10 euro (excl. shippingcosts) to resize your piece.

    Customize crystal jewelry

    Design your own necklace. Or choose one of our designs and change the crystals.

    Once we know all of your custom preferences, we can give you a price estimation. Our love for gold is strong, but if you would like to order a piece in silver, we can of course make an exception for you!

    Please keep in my mind that customized pieces are not returnable.