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Size Guide

Hard to find your ring size? We are here to help you out!
Follow our instuctions below. Do you still have any questions?
Don't hesitate to contact us!

Measure with a ring

The easiest way is to measure the internal diameter of a ring that already fits perfectly, the amount of millimeters is your size. In order to do so, use a measuring tape or ruler.


Measure with a rope

Otherwise, take a little rope (or strip of paper) and put it around your finger. Make sure the rope is tight but comfortable around your finger.

Then measure the length of the part that went around your finger. This is the circumference, which you can look up in our tabel to see the matching diameter size. 

Circumference (mm)
Diameter Size (mm)
 USA Size
48 15,25 4 ½
49 15,50 4 ¾
50 16,00 5 ¼
51 16,25 5 ½
52 16,50 6
53 17 6 ½
54 17,25 6 ¾
55 17,5 7
56 17,75 7 ½
57 18,25 8
58 18,50 8 ¼
59 18,75 8 ¾
60 19 9
61 19,50 9 ½
62 19,75 9 ¾
63 20 10

Ring sizer

A ring sizer is a piece of flexible plastic spiral, which you can wrap around a ring. This makes the diameter of the ring a little smaller.

You can use this as a temporary solution for a ring that is a bit too big to make it (more) fitted. Or if you want to wear your ring on fingers with different sizes; this way you can easily switch between ring combinations.

    We don’t offer resizing on the rings, please contact a jeweler of goldsmith to make alterations. Please note that if you decide to do so, the item cannot be returned anymore.
    Keep in mind that the possibility of resizing and the amount of adjusted sizes depend on multiple factors, for instance the type of stone (some stones are softer than others and can't resist heat), the type of band (fully patterned bands will get a tiny smooth part so the pattern won't stay continuous) or the setting of a ring.

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