As true gold lovers, the base of Forever Mine Collectables is solid gold. From the golden parts in our crystal necklaces to the vintage rings. We only use solid gold, because we want our treasures to last and to keep them close everywhere we go without getting tarnished.

By wearing it so often, memories are getting attached to them which makes them so much more meaningful and valuable and keeps the memory vivid.

Our crystal necklaces are handmade with solid gold and crystal beads. You can choose one of our designs or customize a necklace in different ways to make it more meaningful. Not only do they look beautiful, every crystal has its own purpose like giving more self esteem, or strengthen your intuition.
With our vintage pieces you can almost 'feel' their stories. Some can be over a 100 years old… Can you imagine where they all have been in the world? We love to fantasize what kind of beautiful women must have worn them and who will wear them now!
We hope we can share our passion for golden jewelry with you and give you a piece to cherish forever!