Seven years ago, we started working together as collegues in an interior boutique in Amsterdam. Soon we became friends and found out we shared a passion for golden jewelry. We both have a strong desire to travel as much as we can to far magical places like India or Morocco to get inspired by the mesmerizing colors, styles and refined details.
As our friendship became stronger, so did our passion and over the years we developed our own taste and style. The goldplated jewelry we used to wear, never lasted for a long time which was always a disappointment to us. This made us fantasize about starting our own jewelry brand with solid gold pieces which would last forever and we would never have to take off. We decided to follow our dream and Forever Mine Collectables was born!
We started with handmade solid gold and crystal bracelets, but we love to wear as much gold as possible. So for it us it was a long cherished wish to expand our collection with the most beautiful vintage rings we could find.
We hope we can share our love for gold with you and give you a treasure to cherish forever!
Our treasures
Laiyana’s first and dearest piece is an old Dutch golden coin to wear on a necklace. Originally it was a 5 guilders coin from 1912, so over a 100 years old which makes it extra special to her and wears it almost every day. After this first treasure, many golden pieces followed!

Marthe has different pieces of jewelry inherited from her grandmother, but there is one piece that stands out for her: a golden engagement ring with diamonds. This is her most precious piece, because it is passed on from her great grandmother. Hopefully one day she will pass it on to her daughter so the story continues.