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The Eternity Ring

Rings come in many designs, and we would like to tell you something about the history of some designs that we have in our collection. 

A very common and romantic design is the Eternity Ring: a ring with a continuous line of crystals all around the band. Some people find a full eternity ring uncomfortable to wear, and therefore choose a Half-Eternity ring with a line of crystals on only one half of the ring.


The design originates from Ancient Egypt (2000-1800 BC), as a symbol of eternal love or the circle of life. 

Diamond is the most used stone in a traditional eternity ring, because of its romantic meaning: Diamonds are the strongest crystals, which is why they are the typical love stone because it embodies indestructible love. The combination of the infinite circle of the ring and the durable diamond symbolizes everlasting and unbreakable love.

It is a ring that is often given from a husband to his wife after they get married, for a special anniversary or milestone like the birth of a newborn. 

By giving your loved one an eternity ring, you not only celebrate the milestone but also show your devotion to that other person for the rest of your life.

How to wear

Due to the slim design, it is a typical ring that is ideal to stack with other (slim) band rings. This way, they complement and accentuate each other. And of course it is the easiest way to be able to wear more rings on one hand :)

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