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The Locket

They look beautiful from the outside and keep a secret on the inside… we are talking about LOCKETS!

What is a locket?

A locket or medallion is a pendant with one or more compartments that can be opened to put in a small piece of sentimental value, like a photograph or a lock of hair. They are usually worn on a necklace, or as a brooch. 

It captures a special memory and is connected to a loved one, which you literally now can wear close to your heart. They are mostly made of precious metals like gold or silver and come in a variety of shapes, but the most common ones are oval or heart-shaped.

Some are plain and simple, others are ornated with the most beautiful carvings on the front, and if you are lucky on the back as well. On top of this, sometimes lockets are also embellished with gemstones like diamond, garnet, turquoise, ruby, sapphire and so on.

In our opinion, lockets are therefore meaningful pieces of art that can’t be absent in a jewelry box.


The first lockets date back to the 16th century, where they were worn by both men and women. It was used to put in relics of a saint, like teeth or bone, as a talisman to protect from evil and sickness. Others put in a bit of perfume to ward off nasty smells in public places. 

Later on during this century, Queen Elizabeth used her locket to put in a picture of her mother Anne Boleyn. This made lockets more popular to wear with a sentimental loving meaning. Lockets were now also sometimes integrated in a ring, the Locket ring, that made it easier for the wearer to look at and admire. 

In the early 17th century, lockets turned into mourning jewelry by Queen Victoria after her husband's death. She put in a photo and a lock of hair of him, and never took it off. Photos of the deceased person or a lock of hair were placed in it, to keep the memory of that person alive and close to the heart of the widow. 

Until then, lockets have been always closed as a secret to others. But later on in the 18th century, people wanted to show who their loved one was to others, so lockets became more transparent and visible.

During the First World War, lockets were often given by soldiers to their wives to make them feel they were still with them during their mission…How romantic?!

How to wear

Nowadays lockets are often given at special occasions like milestone birthdays, anniversaries or Valentines day as a sign of love and devotion. 

Even though lockets have always been there and loved by many people, since a few years they have also become more popular among younger people. We see them in the most beautiful layered combinations with other pendants, worn on different necklaces and lengths. This way, the sometimes classic look of a locket becomes more contemporary and for daily wear. For example, a locket worn on a white tee and denim jeans is the perfect everyday go to look.

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