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How to create a lush and balanced ring collection?

The very first ring that initiated the beginning of your collection, must have a special place in your heart. You can probably still remember the way you felt when you put her on, and had to look at her over and over again. There is something magical about rings, and we can assure you… it never stops!

There are so many different designs and gemstones that make so many rings special in their own way, which makes you just want to have them all! But we only have 10 fingers, so we have to think a bit strategically in order to make the smartest purchases. 

Whether you are just at the beginning of your collection or a die hard collector, with our tips and tricks we are here to help you out!

Step 1


Figure out which kind of rings match your skin color and shape of fingers. 

If you are a ‘cool’ type with fair and pink undertone skin, gemstones with a blue, purple, white, emerald or pink color will probably look good on you. Are you more of a ‘warm’ type with yellow undertone skin, colors like yellow, red, orange, olive, peach and beige will most likely look good on you.

Of course, there are so many hues and shades per color which can make a cool purple tone look wonderful on you, and a warm purple tone the opposite. We therefore advise to focus on the undertone of a crystal, which has to match your skin color.

But above all, choose a crystal that attracts you right away and makes you fall in love with it!  

Step 2

Shapes & Structures

Vary in shapes and structures, to create an interesting look where rings accentuate and complement each other. For example, wear on your ring finger a little stack of a few thin band rings, and on your middle finger an oval shaped halo ring. This diversity makes every ring stand out in her own unique way, instead of making a simple predictable repetition of the same shape on more than one finger. Shapes can also make your fingers optically look longer or shorter, just like clothing can do for your body; For instance a marquise ring elongates your finger. 

If you have a ring that can’t decide on which finger you want to wear, you can use a ring sizer. A ring sizer is a small piece of rubber spiral that you can wrap around the band. This way, your ring becomes a bit smaller and therefore wearable for multiple fingers!

Structures are important to add more depth to your ring party. For instance, an eternity ring with a braided band on itself is a bit subtle. But when you stack her with a ring that has a smooth band, they react to each other by lifting each other up. 

Just try it, and you will see the magic!

Step 3

Pinky Rings

A pinky ring! They either finish/complete your ring party or make a statement when worn alone. There is just something special and cute about them that makes us always want to wear one. Whether it is a bold signet ring or a more refined slim diamond ring, they are a true addition to your ring family.

Step 4

Finishing touch

Add some plain gold rings to your ring look. A plain smooth golden band ring may look a bit simple at first, but when added to more eye-catching rings (with gemstones), it makes your look more lavish, and give more body. Also a big plus, plain gold can be mixed with everything because you don’t have to think about colors to match. 

So you can’t go wrong with plain gold!

Start creating your dream collection!

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