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Birthstones are becoming more and more popular in the designs of jewelry, so we would like to go a bit deeper into this phenomenon.

A birthstone represents the month someone is born in, so there are 12 birthstones. It celebrates your birthday with a deeper meaning that is specifically for you and has positive properties.

A birthstone piece of jewelry is always a good idea if you are looking for a gift, because everyone has a birthstone and jewelry gets more emotional value when you receive it as a gift from someone.


For centuries, it was believed that crystals contain magical powers, which could have a positive effect on the owner of the crystal. In the middle ages, people believed that every stone had healing powers and positive effects if you wore the right one in the matching month. Therefore they collected all the birthstones, to be lucky all year long.

In the oldest eras it started with assigning beautiful rare crystals to the 12 star signs. Later on it changed into crystals that symbolized the 12 months, which we now call birthstones. 

How to wear it

What better way to wear your birthstone with you as the ultimate lucky charm, than to wear it in a piece of jewelry?! 

Birthstones are used in rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings. The best is to wear the stone directly on the skin, for example a ring with an open bottom setting instead of closed.

January – Garnet

The name ‘garnet’ is derived from the Latin word ‘granatus’, which means ‘pomegranate’. It is a reference to the similarity of the deep red color. Indian astrologists believe that garnet helps you to get rid of negative feelings and boosts your self-confidence and creativity! This deep red crystal symbolizes strength, luck and success. The perfect boost to start a new year with!

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February – Amethyst

Amethyst is a crystal that provides strength and willpower, which can be very helpful in the dark and cold month of February. It is said that people who wear amethyst become more clear headed and are inventive in business. In some cultures it is believed that lovers with too much passion are calmed by wearing an amethyst.

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March – Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a healing stone, but is also associated with wealth and the sea. Ancient seafarers believed that aquamarine would keep them safe by calming the waves. Because this crystal has the color of sky and the water, it is said to symbolize eternal life. It was also thought that wearing aquamarine would boost the amount of happiness in your marriage. Aquamarine will bring the wearer sincerity, good communication and persistence.


April – Diamond

The birthstone of April is Diamond, and is the hardest and most expensive crystal found on Earth. Because of these characteristics, diamonds are often used for engagement and wedding bands to symbolize eternal indestructible love and commitment. For ages it was also believed that the wearer would gain strength and success.


May – Emerald

Emerald is the symbol of rebirth, and can be related to the fact that May brings a lot of new life in nature.  Green as grass, emerald derives its name from the ancient Greek word ‘smaragdos’ which literally means ‘green’. 

Emerald was one of the favorite stones of Cleopatra, and since then always has been as well for royal families. Maybe because emerald was associated with fertility and immortality.


June – Pearl 

A lot of mythologies are tied to the pearl. Persian mythology referred to pearls as ‘the tears of gods’. Chinese legends say that the moon was the creator of pearls, instilling them with heavenly glow and mystery. Pearls are very unique because it is the only gemstone that Is formed by living creatures. Perhaps this is why the pearl is imbued with the qualities of purity, beauty and health. 


July – Ruby

In the old India, ruby was seen as the mother of all precious stones for its rarity, hardness, beauty and mystical powers. Ruby was a symbol of the sun which lets everything grow. The name ‘ruby’ originates from the Latin word ‘ruber’, which means ‘red’. Ruby has always been associated with love and passion which can lead to a beautiful new life, just like the sun


August – Peridot

The birthstone peridot is known for being formed under extreme conditions, as it can be formed in volcanoes and can sometimes also be found in meteors that traveled from outer space. Peridot was the favorite stone of pirates. They believed that it would protect them on their dangerous journeys and when combined with gold, it would work even stronger. Peridot is said to protect the wearer against nightmares and helps to release. Some believe that the name of this stone comes from the Greek word peridona, which means ‘giving plenty’. Perhaps that’s why peridot was associated with prosperity and good fortune.


September – Sapphire

Sapphire is a deep blue shimmering crystal and symbolizes wisdom, virtue and fidelity. It is also one of the favorite gems of the (European) Royalty, in particular the British Royalty (remember the legendary crown of the Queen and the Ladi Di halo ring?). Therefore it is no surprise where 'Royal Blue' derives its name from. Luckily nowadays sapphire is not only reserved for the rich and famous, but it is a very popular crystal for daily wear because it is one of the strongest crystals and easy to combine.


October – Opal

When you are an October baby, then the magnificent colorful opal is your birthstone. Opal is a remarkable crystal because of all the different color combinations they can have.  Besides that, opals have a unique glistening structure, which makes them intriguing everytime you look at them. Therefore it is no surprise that opals are associated with love, seduction and luck.

Opal is formed in desert areas and comes in several kinds, but the most rare type of opal is the black opal; mostly found in Australia.


November – Citrine

When Autumn is in full glory, citrine carries the power of the sun and gives you extra warmth and energy. It helps you to set goals and accomplish them. We set goals on a daily basis, but the ones we set at the end of the year have more impact. Looking at the warm golden yellow colour of the citrine it is easy to understand why this is the birthstone for this time of the year.


December – Turquoise

Turquoise is a strong energy protector and can also help to counter feelings of sadness. Especially in winter times we are more vulnerable and sensitive, so a bit of turquoise can help us through the cold and dark days. The Apache Indians believed that instead of a pot full of gold like the Irish people say, you could actually find Turquoise stone at the end of a rainbow. Turquoise was believed to bring good fortune and health.

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